Totally Accident Protection (TAP)

Totally Accident Plan is an insurance policy from Covea Insurance plc. It pays you a lump sum if you have an accident and injure yourself, whether you’re at work, home or playing sport.

The plan covers you 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It's personal injury cover for the life you lead. It can also be combined with additional policies such as income protection

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Income Protection

An income protection policy will help towards living costs such as mortgages and other household bills if you are unable to work due to an accident, injury or illness. This policy acts as your financial safety net. If you are self-employed, we can cover you for up to £1000 per month, without having to prove your income.

Each policy is created individually, so it suits your needs and lifestyle. Our experienced representatives build your policy according to your individual needs, budget and required level of cover.

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Accidental Death Plan

If the worst happened, you'd want to know that your family was protected against financial hardship. We can arrange accidental death cover that will pay a cash lump sum of up to £150,000 (if you choose Level 3 cover) if you die from an accident. Your accidental death cover can complement your existing life insurance, or you can have it as a separate policy.

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